Why Portion8 is better than the rest...

Each side can hold up to 4 ounces and can be divided up to one ounce sections, allowing for various portion sizes to cater to your diet.

Detachable sections allowing for both cold and hot foods to be seperated for re-heating.

Microwave and Dish washer safe.


Made in the USA

Comes in 4 different colors: Perfect Pink, Brilliant Blue, Going Green, and Gentleman's Grey.

Compatible with all of your favorite weight loss programs and fitness apps such as:
The Portion-Control Diet, Paleo Diet, South Beach Diet, HCG Diet, DASH Diet, Mediterranean Diet, TLC Diet, Flexitarian Diet, or any Diet or Meal Plan where knowing your intake is crucial! My Fitness Pal, Lose It!, Weight Watchers App, Calorie Tracker, iWatchr, Nutrition Menu, Go Meals, Calorie Checker, Food IQ, iCalorie

We are not one Dimensional- Competitors who are, lack depth control which could result inaccurate portions for your diet

We are adjustable and eliminate the need for multiple containers. Competitors with static portions impair customization of their meal plans and multiple containers will be a nightmare cleanup

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What's your reason?

There are so many important reasons to strive for a healthy lifestyle and so many obstacles to actually achieving it: working late, busy schedules, super-sized meals, travel, health issues, physical challenges, and on and on. We hear you.

In fact, that's the inspiration behind Portion8TM Living.

We designed Portion8TM Living in order to help real, everyday people achieve and maintain a healthy, satisfying lifestyle. Portion8TM Living is not just another fad diet- it's a lifestyle plan that combines our innovative diet with a revolutionary new portion control container, the Portion8TM Plate.

Are you up for the Portion8TM Challenge?

Simply use the Portion8TM Plate together with the Portion8TM Living diet for 8 weeks, while tracking your weight and simple measurements. We bet you'll see and feel a difference in as little as 2 weeks. Check out our blog to help keep you motivated and to manage your expectations.

Join our community on Pintrest to share your results and benchmarks with others, or upload wuick videos to our YouTube site. Studies have shown that people who share their weight-loss goals and achievements with friends & family via social media or other ways lose more weight!

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Portion 8 products are a division of BariWare, LLC, a company that was founded by Florida’s first female bariatric surgeon, Tiffany Jessee, DO and Physician Assistant, Dezi Zevin. The company’s goal is to develop products that help people live healthier lives and achieve greater success with their weight loss goals.

Dr. Tiffany Jessee studied under the direction of two of the top laparoscopic surgeons in the world and trained extensively in the LAP-BAND® and Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. Dr. Jessee went on to become the first female bariatric surgeon in the state of Florida. She opened her practice in Largo, FL in August of 2003, and is one of a handful of surgeons in the Tampa Bay area invited to place the REALIZE® banding system.

Dezi Zevin is a seasoned Physician Assistant with the Sun Coast Bariatrics team, working closely with Dr. Jessee to provide patients with exceptional care. With over 9 years’ experience as a P.A. she has worked in orthopedics, providing patient care and performing procedures.

In 2011, Dr. Jessee and Dezi were sharing notes on a plane ride home from a training course and discussed the importance of helping bariatric patients prepare for surgery. They agreed that portion control was an integral part of effective weight-loss plans, and were shocked to later discover that very little existed to help with this. And so they created a portion-control tool for their bariatric patients called the BariBowl®. Since its launch in 2011, the BariBowl® has been a success, generating orders from multiple countries and establishing a distributorship in Australia, with plans in place for the UK and Canada.

Fueled by the expanding demand for the BariBowl, Dr. Jessee & Dezi felt that rebranding it for a wider audience made sense, especially given the ever-growing obesity rates around the world. In 2013, the BariBowl was rebranded and this time, a whole new product line was created: the Portion 8™ Living cookbook, Portion 8™ Plate and Portion 8™ Tote. The concept behind the product line is to develop portion control products that make it easy to live healthy and achieve your weight loss goals.

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Portion8TM recommends that you consult your physician prior to starting any new diet.